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List of products

Bird and Animal Auction

Animal Auctions

Competition x Draft x Batting x Set Collection!!!
Let’s auction off a little unusual animal in a little mysterious auction!!

Summer Time Memory

A nervous breakdown on a summer’s day

A nervous breakdown that everyone played.
It’s a simple rule, but it doesn’t fit surprisingly well..
. I custom a simple but deep nervous breakdown and become a super nervous breakdown!!

Animal Wars

The War on The Weak and The Strong

Animal Wars is a simple card configuration, but it’s a game of authentic trick-taking.
The point is to play your hand in turn and overwhelm your opponent.


Exclusive Fruits and Navigators

Rumors that each of the three high-sea islands can have secret fruits…

Carry Piece

The first pick-up

Carry Piece is a low-age education game where you can learn to add up and raise one keta.


Mito and the Blue House and The Bad Yume

Mito woke up in a forest.
A faint blue house and fragments of memory.And a few clues.
Here… Dream?

Fake Digger

Super Strategic Gem Excavation Battle!!

Dig up your worth!
Worthy jewelry, worthless junk…
Dig, hide, get in the way and aim!!
Find value by kicking down enemies with a variety of strategies!!!