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New board game "Grow and order!Will zombies and drunk fight?"Hidden Identity Game" will be released on Friday, September 4th

Yopparai and zombies are single paper! ? Can I order only by growling?

Zombie panic occurred!
Still, we all drink!

But there is only one zombie!
Who the zombie is…! ?

Well.For now, let's decide the order first.Search for zombies after ordering.

Izakaya of the Dead is an identity concealment transfer game that tells the order only by the grunts of "Ah", "Ih", "Uh", "Eh", "Oh" and gestures using one arm (non-dominant hand) (gesture is Optional).
I can't even use one hand because I can't speak well to zombies and I don't want to let go of the mug.
The ordering player communicates the menu on the card with grunts and gestures, and the other players apply the order.

All of us win if the order is successful even once.
The zombie tries to end the drinking party by failing all orders.

Communicating in a stupid fool game with a zombie motif

are you ready to order?
Yoppai VS Zombie Fierce?Battle

Detailed rul
es are here Manual page: