Development of Board games & Card games.

Game Market 2020 Autumn 11/14 and 15F11 will participate!

What's going on?

The latest Tangleweed!

Gemma's First Out! Nurture & sell the rolling weeds of the Westerns! 64 felt balls?! Component large large volume! !

Turn-up Shark Resale

That game that sold out Amazon in a blink of an while sold out in July is a very small number, but resale! If you absolutely want it, hurry up! There is also a reasonable version without a box.

Win-only Gacha limited to 50 pieces!

A new encounter for 3000 yen!? For those who can not decide to be worried about a variety of things, here is recommended for those who want to gain!

What else do you think?

Gemma Special Campaign!

Level-up discount

Step-by-step deals depending on the number of products purchased (including G
acha)! 500 yen on purchase of 3 piece
s! With the purchase of four or more, what a 1000 yen draw!

Storage box gift

For those who have purchased two or more small box products, give a stora
ge box! It is a fantastic small box with the motif of Braumea!

There is also an exhibition introducing the works on the day! It is decided to look carefully!

At the booth, each exhibit is exhibited! Not only the components, but also there is also an introduction in pop, so you can enjoy it just by looking at it!

By all means, please come and see!

Once again, 11/14/15 (Saturday and Sunday). Exhibited at F11!

Thank you on the day! At the booth, works are sold and exhibited. Also, if you ask me, I will explain the work! Pl
ease come by all means! !