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[Gemma 2021 spring] idea is a big failure! Don't end with. Planning ability to arrive at the exhibition

Gemma Spring's new work "M mushonzukop! ! 』

Gemma 2021 spring is in production [Miesonzukop! ] 」。 First of all, please look at the picture below. This is an image of the new test version.

There are various items lined up… Well, that's the problem. Which of these components will be used in this game?




All correct answers are used. Or y, in addition to this, I use a special cup and lid (cap).

What kind of game is it?

As I will gradually tell you about this, I would like to talk about how the game was planned this time.

I want to make a heavy game.

At EJP Games, we're making larger games to match Gemma. "Braumea" and "Tangleweed" are so.

Apart from that, did you know that you were making a light game at a high pace of two games a month? For example, "Turn-up Shark" and "Loading the Starry Sky" became a hot topic on SNS. It is so. It was called "Bodge every month" in the company.

Can you use that experience to create a heavy game that combines lightweight games?

Starting with such an idea, gemma spring's new work "Miesshozukop! ! It is.

It's not going to be easy.

And I'm going to come up with ideas and make games…

The first thing I thought about was the main purpose, with a mini-game sandwiched along the way.

That's how we created the "Cherry Blossom Fairy Game to Increase Flowers.". The fairies plant trees, bloom there, and fill the mountains with flowers while increasing their companions. That's the overview. He then tried to make each action a mini-game based on the worker placement mechanism, such as scoring more points by arranging trees and playing mini-games to make them bloom.

It seems to be scalable to pack various games. This is good! I'm going to go!

However, if you test it…

"Rules are cumbersome", "waiting time is long", "there is no bargaining with other players"

And, to the erring result ……

I forgot what I take for granted. If you combine mini-games as they are, the rules will increase by the number of mini-games. And the action also takes time. This doesn't change no matter how much you simplify the mini-game. Even if you make a mini-game as mini-mini-game, it will not be possible to solve it.

Well, I failed a lot, but if it ends here, it will be a title scam. So what did you do?

Simple but important

What you've done is simple. I just had another idea with the same concept.

When I'm trying to come up with ideas, I think one of them is that I'm the type of person I am. However, if it does not work, it is re-made from scratch. If there is a part that seems to be usable, it is better than zero because it will be a clue when rebuilding, but elements designed with only one idea in mind are often difficult to make into another form.

So if you make multiple ideas, you may survive about one, and even if it is annihilated, it will be easier to get the parts = clues that are likely to be used as much as there are many ideas.

"The more ideas you put out, the better your survival and return rate will be."

And this time, one of the other proposals will receive an unexpectedly high evaluation and the project will proceed… But that's what I'll talk about in the next article.

From next time, it will be clear what kind of game "Miesshozu-kanpu" is!

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