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Gemma 2021 Spring: Game Tempo and Rapid Talk

The test will continue.

Don't go any way. There's a deadline.

Yes, I'm talking about the components of the game last time (here), but there are still things we need to test.

Is this game fun in the first place? Are mini-games interesting? It is a point.

Only interesting mini-games were left after repeated test play, but in this "Miesshozu ticket", tempo was particularly important.

Atmosphere and tempo of the game

"Missonzu ticket" is a game with a strong party game element that quickly clears the subject.

(At first, I was going to make a heavy game…)

Therefore, anything that is tense or requires instantaneous power will match the atmosphere of the game.

There are a variety of mini-games such as stacking items in the specified order, quickly taking chips of a specified color, putting dice with your eyes up, calculating quickly, and so on.

On the other hand, mini-games that take a long time, and mini-games that just look like you can't get items, have become bots.

As we tested, we got a sense of speed in the game, and we were excited to see that this game could be played more like this, and that this game could use other components.

In addition to increasing the variation of the game, put an icon on the back of the card to determine which of the two different games to play.

However, there was a point of a little bit of care here.

Tempo + Slow /Rapid = Tightening

Since it is a game that advances with an early win, there have been several times that "it is over when you notice".

The tempo is good, but it's always high tempo. That's why I'm scoring so hard that I can't see what's around me, and before I know it, other players are scoring and losing.

Then, it twists one. Added a mini-game that pauses the tempo of the game.

Head-to-head with all players. The tension that is a little different from the speed game became a good spice.

More additions. We're mixing quickly calculating mini-games with things that use "score from other players." It is a device that naturally eyes the score of oneself and others.

This is also "Ah! He's scoring a lot! I was made to be conscious, and I was able to put out another tension.

In addition, when I scored another goal, I scored a victory (reach) and I d do a special mission called "Back Mission".

This also had a powerful effect. After all, it is "The back mission starts = someone reach". I don't want Leach players to win at all ends. The confrontation of everyone in the situation also increases the tension further.

In this way, not only is the tempo good, but the tension seems to persist when the game's turning point is slow and steep.

It is said that the more the game progresses, the better it is to accelerate toward convergence. Certainly, it is important to accelerate (increasing the amount of goals scored, increasing the number of actions, and becoming clearer on what needs to be done with limited options), but at the same time, I think this is also the fact that the tempo should not be constant.

Pause at high tempo and accelerate rapidly at slow tempo. Such a twist might make the game exciting.


The game is almost complete and we're finally ready to decide on a package. Here comes the cup and lid we talked about at the component times.

It also concerns what to do with the package and the story of money… The details will be next time.

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