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[Gemma Spring 2021] I want "shine" but I want to make it cheap! Package ingenuity

Package is the face of the game

There is also a story that "I want you to see the contents er than the face", but it is a reality that "if you do not like the face, you will not see the contents".

Oh, you're talking about a game, right?

That's why I want to elaborate on the package, but the appearance that looks good is something that costs money in its own way.

I want a unique and looking appearance while keeping costs down. So, in this "Miesshozu ticket", I tried to devise one.

Try to be part of a component

In the old days, there was something that said that you could move the square written on the side of the box because there was a game in a metal box and the pieces were magnets.

In the game, snails were the motif, so it was a device to express snails advancing on vertical surfaces using boxes that were packaged.

Since I saw it, I've been secretly aiming for a chance, saying, "I want to use the box for something."

And I thought about mini-games that use cups and lids, such as "throwing items in", "using them as a bowl for lottery", and "using them as a table", and the package was made into a cute cup that seems to have tapioca milk tea accordingly.

By the way, at first I was going to have a bigger cup, but it was too big and disturbing, so I made it compact.

Cup of the initial plan ↓

Let's compare it with the picture at the beginning.

It was very refreshing. It is good to feel that the contents are also packed.

The package is completed by attaching a sticker to this. I thought, but I will add one more device.

Ideas are hidden in many places.

As I mentioned in the component times (here), when making a product, it is inevitable that we will reduce it.

It is a reasonable price to make a seal. It is also the size to be used as a package for the game, so the cost is absolutely costly. In order to make the components of the contents diverse, we want to reduce the cost even a little.

So I used a part of the instructions to create a "obi". The idea is to fold the instructions, wrap them around the inside of the cup, and do essential information notation such as game title display and barcode without a seal.

In the photo, I check the size in the instructions of other games.

By the way, it was our president who gave me this idea.

When I write while remembering the flow of the story at that time

"There's a package with a paper band wrapped around a cup (coffee shop or something)" →

Paper may be cheaper than seals→

"If you put it inside, you don't have to worry about falling→

"Can't you use it because you put in the instructions?" 」

I think that was the feeling.

I don't remember the details, but at any rate, the starting point of the idea was "things I saw before" that didn't seem to have anything to do with Bodge.

In the previous, I wrote a story (here) that you can put out the number if you divide the idea by stage, but the method for [solution] written in this is usually placed as a product around you.

It was a story that if you find a solution that other people have found and incorporated into the product, it will be useful for you to come up with an idea.


Now that the components and packages are aligned, the Miesshozu ticket is nearing completion.

What a new work added here. Next time, I would like to talk about the tips when thinking about the game system with motifs ahead of the theme of the second new work "SushiZume".

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