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[Gemma 2021 spring] game making of motif advance. The ultimate is an associative game

New 2nd "SushiZume"

The image is a 3DCG made for the game package. To the last, it is an image.

In the previous blog (here), I talked about how the development of The Messon Ticket started from "Let's make a heavy game", but this SushiZume (sushizume) had a completely different history of development.

SushiZume started with the story of "I want to make another one".

At this point, I had not decided what to make at all, so I remembered that I had talked about "I didn't make a game with a sashi motif" in the company before, so I decided only the motif "Let's go with the sashi".

While IshiZume is a game decided from the theme, SushiZume is a game decided from a motif.

Think about the game with motifs ahead

This time, I will make a game from motifs.

I think I've written before that when a theme is decided, we focus on the game that matches the theme. Even when the motif is decided first, I think it is still important whether it fits the motif or not.

So, I thought about the related elements of sushi. When you make a game from a motif, it's an associative game anyway.

Niri Sushi, Maki Sushi, Wasabi, Soy Sauce, Conveyor Belt Sushi, Pack Sushi…

I came up with pack sushi and remembered a game I played recently. It is a game called "Esaba Battle" which is one of a certain 100 uniform Bodge series.

With the image of pack sushi that came out in the associative game, I landed on a game where I put a piece and made my opponent's pieces move.

This is where the idea comes into production

It is a game that surrounds the opponent's pieces, so we will consider the movement of the pieces and the game system.

If you don't develop your originality here, you'll end up with a game you've seen somewhere.

So it's also an associative game.

Why don't you eat the pieces because it's sushi→ if you have wasabi and you take it, why don't you lose?

Ni ni ni ni ni ni nishi and maki sushi are different in size→ why don't you use pieces of different sizes?

Don't make sushi into pieces and it'→ make it so you can rotate it?

From a sushi-like place, I continued to play associative games and elaborated on the elements of the game.

And now the test!

I'd written on my blog that ideas are numbers, but at this time there was only one idea.

I don't have time…! Because it becomes an excuse, I thought about another idea of the movement of the piece at the very most and the variation of a detailed rule.

Through the test, they were put together and completed safely. SushiZume has progressed in development at a 0%a bit.

I had esaba battle experienced people play, but I was relieved to receive the impression that I was firmly a separate game.


Next time, I'll show you the visuals of SushiZume.

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