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[Gemma 2021 Spring] The story of the visual of the new work.

SushiZume Visuals

I will show you immediately, but this is the visual of Sushi, the piece of SushiZume.

The image was made for testing, but the color is different from the product version and the thickness is different (the photo is just copy paper. The product is only 3 to 4 mm cardboard) and the design is the same.

Well, this time, I would like to talk about how we decided on this design. There are two important factors.

Atmosphere of the pieces

The pieces of the game are a component that you often see during the game.

Especially this time it is abstract system, and which piece is where is very important. During the game, you will be staring at the pieces most of the time.

It is no problem to say that the design of the pieces will decide the atmosphere of the game. This is the first element, the atmosphere.

My first thought was, "It's a strategic game, so I can minimize the information on the pieces so I can focus on my thoughts." So, I tried to cut the details and make it feel simple and modern. I think that I was able to make it look like an abstract.

Features of the pieces

Another thing we have to think about is the functions that the pieces have to play in the game.

It sounds difficult when it is a function, but it is also a function that is "easy to tell" and "understand how to use". Even if it is a piece that moves differently, it is embarrassed if it looks the same, or it is easy to understand if the movement of the piece is written with an arrow or something like that, and that is also the role of design.

This game rotates the pieces, so I made it a design that does not feel uncomfortable even if the direction changes.

It is easy to tell that it is easier to see shari and sushi if you look at sushi from the side, but if you do so, you will feel uncomfortable when you change direction, and if you line up during the actual game, it will look like you have fallen down.

Therefore, we aim to create a design that conveys atmosphere and function while making use of motifs. It was a story.


Next time, there was a bit of a tinge about sushiZume boxes, so I'll talk about it.

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