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[Gemma 2021 spring] design change of the box. The name of the injury?

First public appearance! SushiZume box 3D model.

It is difficult to understand the size feeling with CG, but the longest side is 75 mm, so it is large enough to fit in one hand.

This time, I will write a story about a little trouble related to this box.

It's not what I thought.

This time, I asked an overseas printing office for chips used for SushiZume.

We were working in English for machine translation, but the story was going well. However, trouble occurred with regard to chips.

I ordered it with a thickness of 2 mm, but it was a thick finish of about 3 mm to 4 mm by some hand. The person in charge of the printing office also sent me the photograph in a hurry.

Oh, but it may be better to have a thicker height… Result Orai!

However, the box must be changed. I was thinking about entering with a thickness of 2 mm, so I made it a slender design like the 3D model below.

It is a redesign because it does not enter this.

That? Is it better than before when I redesigned it?

When redesigning, we modified the thickness of the chip and reviewed it from the internal layout.

As a result, the surface where sushi is drawn by all means becomes close to the square. I want to leave a long shape and a sashi-like design… Hmmmm……

I was worried about how to come to terms with design and practical issues.

It is not so much a knack for production, but in such a case, I forget about the design and strictly protect the necessary dimensions. You can devise a look later, but if you lose the function to look good, it's not easier to get back.

So, I calculated the dimensions that the new chip would be good for, and thought about the layout… Oh, I'm going to fold the instructions less. Lucky. It is a reexamine of the design after the dimensions are decided while there is also the merit of the injury.

The design is good after all. I want to stick to it here. It is agony again.

Finally, the box at the beginning was finished with a two-way design. Please take another picture.

Seems to have become more sashi-like than the first design? Is it because I put a shari silhouette on the white side? I think that there are many places where the width has expanded and the sense of stability has increased, and it has become better.

Since the thickness of the chip has also increased, the presence has increased. It is like a high-quality sashi when arranged in stylish tableware. It's a good feeling.

That said, both chips and boxes overs got over the trouble, or y, it was a story that the quality improved more thanks to the trouble.

It's like a horse.


Next time, I'll talk about game naming. We will talk about how "Mishinzukapu" and "SushiZume" were named.

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