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[Gemma 2021 spring] I want naming sense

I want naming sense.

I want naming sense.

I wrote it three times in combination with the title, isn't naming difficult?

It has an impact, it can be remembered, it can clearly express what kind of content it is, and the wording is good. If you think about such a game title, you are such a genius.

I always struggle with naming.

The new work was also hard…

""Miesonzu-pppu!! Until we get to

During the design of the Miesonzu ticket, it was interesting that various components entered the cup, so there was a plan to make it the name multiplied there. This was the concept of the earliest naming.

The first thing I thought about was that it looks like a "parfait", so "mini game parfait"!

It looks fashionable and looks good, doesn't it? But botted.

Because this game is not fashionable. Rather, it is a party game of the system to make a fool of.

If it doesn't match the content of the game, you can't do that, so reconsider.

The next plan that came out is caught in the famous movie "Mission Impossible" and "Mission in the Cup"!

But this is also botted. The impression of the movie and the contents of the game are too different.

More like a child… "Mini game shop with a lot of orders" taken from a famous fairy tale!

This is also botted. If there is a narrative in the original story, it will not fit well unless the flavor is matched well.

Naming is difficult, and you can try detailed versioning such as "The Cup" or "Cup" only", and gather opinions in the company…

After such twists and turns, it was decided to "Mission's Cup" by an internal vote from among several candidates.

You said it was decided. That's a lie.

The title was decided in "Mission's Cup", but while I was designing

"Is hiragana better?" It became a story.

Then, it becomes "Mission "Zu" cup" or "Nessonzu-kanpu".

In addition, I was drawn to the image of the game.

By the time I came here, I was already a hero, but there was a title called "Mission's Cup" that I could focus on, so the trial and error from here was over quickly.

Finally, "Miesshozu-pppu!! And thus the package was completed.

Don't take another picture!

I usually write about production tips, but I don't know about naming.

Rather, I'd rather tell you and ask for it.


Next time, I'll talk about naming the game again. There is still talk about SushiZume, so I will talk about it.

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