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How to play such a Dominion! ? I asked the new members, "What's your favorite bodge?" 」

EJP Radio 9th Partici

pants: Funayama, Mizuno, Crown (New Members) Projec

t "Questions for New Members"

*The story of the project part was summarized and erred
. Introduction, announcement, and ending are omitted.

yama "New members have come, so this project "Questions for new members", "Fi

rst of all, I would like to ask you about your favorite bod

ge", "Mr. Crown, do you have anything you like bodge?" 」

That's ri
ght, isn't it? Basically, I like deck-building and enlarged production."

nayama", dominion? 」

s right. Dominion is my favorite bodge! "I

t's the best game I've ever played."

"Are you doing expansion or something?" 」

right. I let them play with what my friends we

re collecting." That's why I played online with all the expansion."

ayama"When it's online, is it Dominion Online?" 」

Crown "
Yes! It's great to be able to expand it all with a little charge."

uno "I see. I used to play with androm

inion apps." Do you use apps or something? 」

I used a landamizer card. 」

no "I see"

f you're online, you'll automatically do every thing from setup to scoring."

yama "Heh, Benri"

I want to be real if I can." I think

that kind of trouble is fun."

ayama"Yes. It's exciting to be ready for bodge."

yama "Come to think of it, speaking of dominion preparation. I've chosen 10 cards from my favorite cards b

efore and played them." "And everyone chooses a card that curs

es everyone." "When I try, curses 3 or 4 are natural. I've had terrible times because of mudsing."

in a state of killing me.

yama "From the middle, it's like how much you can sow a curse. Somehow, it's already a mud play over the mud. It wasn't a game."

ayama "My favorite game was Dominion, but what other games do you play?" 」

right. I don't do many minor things, but I think it's famous for catan, carcasonne, etc."

yama "I see. I mean you're playing a famous game, but what is kiktake that started playing board games? 」

That's r
ight. I started three years ago. It all started when a local friend brought catan. I only knew about life games, so I wondered if there was such an interesting thing. From there, I was moved on."

ama "I see. So I did catan for the first time. Try playing famous places as well. And the most addicting thing was the Dominion."

Crown " I
t's a Dominion, isn't it?

yama "It's good to play a game that uses a lot of cards like Dominion, but it's hard when it comes to making it."

o:That's right. It's hard to play the test, but it's also the price.

ayama "I'd like to ma

ke it" "I and Mizuno-san like games that combine cards and play, so I'd like to make such a game one day."

o:That's right. However, it was difficult in terms of price until now, but maybe I

can go from now on." If it goes well, the cost will be reduced a little."

ma:Yes. Even if the number of sheets is bulky, it seems to be able to print cheaply."

You're seeing the possibilities. I think we can make a card game with a lot of cards."

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