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[Gemma 2021 spring] I want naming sense (for the second time in a week)

It seems to be said that I have already seen it, but this time it is also a story about naming.

Last time, I talked about the naming of "Miesshozu-beppu".

This time, we are talking about the naming of another new work "SushiZume".

I want to push out the sashi motif!

As I wrote on my blog before, SushiZume was a motif-first game that I decided to make with sushi as a motif.

Therefore, it was decided that I wanted to put sushi, any notation in the name.

And the first name I named was "Sushi Shogi".

It's really Japanese style, or y, it seems to like people who like Japan overseas. That's perfect, isn't it?

If you think "It's not a game to take a frame separately, right?" Tsukkomi said.

That's it. SushiZume had a fundamentally different rule from shogi, where you can play pieces in a game that surrounds your opponent's ball.

"Why don't you put "shogi" in order to make it easier to communicate that it is an abstract game?" 」

"No, is that what misunderstands game nature?" 」

And, the opinion flew.

Is go close to you because you surround it? That's why I came up with the idea of "Sushi Go", but this is also botted because it is not Go.

I thought it would be decided smoothly, but it was difficult in terms of "expressing game nature".

Flounder of the result sticking to the sashi

I really want to put Sushi in my name. And an associative game that starts there. It's the same as when I designed the game.

Sushi…… Conveyor belt sushi…… Pressed Sushi…… Packed……

Packed. I'm trying to "stuff" my opponent, and it looks like I'm going to put pieces on the board and surround them.

So let's go with "Ss crammed". In addition, because it is an abstract-like game, I want to feel a little fashionable, so it eventually become "SushiZume".

The title "SushiZume" decided by such a thing. Personally it's quite a favorite.


Next time, it is just before Gemma, so I would like to introduce the new bodge review and bodge that I plan to take with me.

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