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【Gemma 2021 Spring】Game Introduction just before Gemma

Game Market 2021 Spring April 10-11

EJP Games will be exhibiting on both the 10th and 11th.

Well, I'm talking about game creation every week, but this time it's just before Gemma. I will introduce the game to bring. The explanation is short because there are a lot of numbers. For details, please refer to the product page from each URL.

* The images of each game are pops and articles to be exhibited in Gemma. Please use it as a landmark when looking for products at the venue.


Quickly complete missions written on cards! Once cleared, take the card. Collect 5
cards first and you'll win! Learn more:

SushiZume Sushizume

Manipulate the sashi with different movements and surround your opponent's ball! If you take a rusty sashi, you will be defea
ted immediately. "Quasi" abstract game. Click here for details:


"Rolling expansion reproduction" which brings up the alle rolling in the western. Spread the land, cross, breed, and sell. The game
depends on the direction of the wind! ? Click here for details:


Let's align the quera of the memory to escape from the bad yume. A hidden communication game in which cards are aligned with keywords
only. "Triangle, do you remember?" Click here for details:

Bird and Animal Auction – Animal Auction –

Collect valuable animals in a mysterious auction. Toki is back!? It is a compet
itive game that may be. Click here for details:

Faux Digger

Dig out gems from 8 decks! It depends on your strategy on which mountain to aim for and which action to choos
e. Gem fight worker placement. Click here for details:

Dera Dera

Make 3 sets of decks and win the battle. There are only 3 cards on the deck. A serious one-on-one game
where you hit super high power cards! Learn more:

Carry Piece

A sgorok game that advances by arithmetic. The number of cards is added together to decide how many to advance
. Perfect for children's practice. Click here for details:

Animal Wars

Combine animals with different abilities to win. Simple but authentic tric
k-taker! Click here for details:


Go to the island and get some fruit. However, if the aim overlaps, it fails! Do you want to make sure you attack with your
pass or try to turn it around? A game of decisiveness. Learn more:


Grow your deck and defeat the disease! A deck building game that you can play by one person. The enemy on the back
side is more powerful! Can you capture extra mode!? Learn more:

Amavier Race

Amabier is a youkai who became famous for the spread of the plague. If no one sees the real thing, you can say that it's Amabier if y
ou first come out of the sea! The race starts! Click here for details:

Winning Gacha

There is a product of 8,000 yen or more for 3,000 yen! Absolutely get a broken gacha! It is a
limited edition of 50 bags that can only be bought at e
vents. Please ask the clerk at the booth when you need it.

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Above, it is 13 products. We are waiting for you with a lot of bodge.