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Gemma 2021 Spring Thank you very long!

Well, this blog is written before Gemma.

So, when you are reading this blog, I think that I am sleeping with the tiredness of Gemma. Rest in peace, me in the future.

Well, the topic of this time is hard to prepare gemma. It is a story.

Do you know what "Ding Ding" reads?

I read it very hard.

It's a lie.

I read it as a little.

The original meaning is to combine pages such as books one by one. In turn, EJP Games combines the components of a game into sets, boxes them, and shrinks them together, calling them ding.

When you collect as many printed cards, boxes, and other components as you need and finish ding things that were disjointed, each box will be ready for sale as a bodge. In short, it is box packing and packaging work.

So, I don't read that it's hard, but what I actually do is really manual labor. It will be shoulder or bakkibaki.

If you are a Gemma exhibitor, everyone may have experienced it once?

Especially this time "Miesshozu-pppu!! It was really hard because I had to make a lot of components.

Actually, it's written as ding, and how do you read it? And, I thought or did not think about the finished luggage before.

And that and this and that you can find

As you box, you will face various inconvenient truths.

You may notice that there are not enough components, that there are some printing problems, or that there is a typo in the instructions. In the first place, the number is large, right? And such?

Especially this time, it is a trouble or an accident because I asked an overseas printing office to print for the first time.

As for what happened, next time… I will write from time to time instead.


Because I plan to write gemma's impression next time.

Hey, I'm the future, it's my job. I plan to wake myself up and write my impressions that I should be sleeping in peace.

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