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Memories of Gemma Spring (mainly yamcasi)

Game Market Spring 2021, thank you very long.

I was also saying fatigue last week, but that is what I wrote before Gemma, so thank you very much for your fatigue this time.

Well, as the title says, I will talk about my memories this time.

The good thing

The good thing is that I was able to talk to other circles and companies.

I was able to talk with the great enemies (Rubi: Tos) who fought in the tournament planning held on Twitter, the great people of companies that everyone has heard of, the V people who are active on YouTube, and other amazing people who would not have had the opportunity to talk unless it was Gemma.

I think I got a lot of good stimulation.

Also, it was good to receive direct opinions from customers.

Of course, I'm happy with compliments like "the package is cute" or "the idea is interesting", but on the contrary, needs such as "rules are complicated" and "I want to be able to play with more people" are also the basis of the idea of the next game to be made.

I think it's an opinion that can be conveyed because it's an event where you can talk face-to-face, so I'm really grateful to have you come to the booth.


Well, from here on out, you'll be.

This gemma, I did various things.

Damage to the box

First, sushiZume package corruption. There was a box that was crushed during transportation.

It sold from the one that it was safe, and the beautiful one with as little as possible was sold after the visitor confirmed it, and the person who was crushed helplessly exchanged only the box in the locale.

Apparently, because it was put in a pile of cardboard, when the boxes were piled up, each cardboard box was deformed, and the caramel box was crushed.

As a countermeasure, we put it in small cardboard and put it together with large cardboard. When I tried to withdraw, the box was crushed to zero! I'll do it this way when I mail it from now on.


It was completely no mark. receipt.

This time, there were a few customers who wanted receipts, and because we didn't have them at all, "I'm sorry, I didn't do it" and "It's Garn" happened quite a bit.

I hadn't been told before, so I didn't care, but I'll be ready for the next time.

Lack of publicity

"Ed? SushiZume's propaganda, didn't it? With the person who thinks, "Did you advertise?" I expect that there will be people who think, but I wanted to do more advertising other than SushiZume. In particular, "Winning Gacha".

It is a plan to confirm the deficit with 3,000 yen and the content is more than 8,000 yen, but I did it again this time because it was popular last time.

However, I did not advertise at all. Due to the circumstances of the places described later, sales were less than 1/4 of the previous one.

It's something I've prepared, so if I appeal more… and reflection.

Booth location

Finally, I did it at the booth position.

The wall was between the left and right eyes. It's not as conspicuous as a back alley and there's a lot of people.

This is not about who's to be bad, it was really unlucky.

The measures are… Let's pray… Y.


Well, next time, as I was announced, I would like to talk about this that was discovered by ding. It's a good time again.

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