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The story of trying an overseas printing office for the first time [mainly a problem]

A few months to Gemma.

It's been a month or two going back in time. The time to Gemma was approaching.

Considering the trafficking to the printing office, it is quite difficult in time. There are no other printing offices in Japan, both in terms of price and delivery time. So, let's try an overseas printing office to try it out.

First overseas printing experience. It is a story that variously did.

It's not what I thought.

The other person is in English, or y, it is an automatic translation. The intention seemed to be transmitted somehow, and the estimate confirmation and what kettle went smoothly. Or y, the response is very quick. Is the language barrier unexpectedly low? Do you? No, it became low because of the power of technology. It's so good to be in the back.

What surprised me was the low price and the short delivery time. This is good! There were various problems with the resulting one.

For example, the color of the print is different.

It's a beautiful gradient, isn't it? They print from the same data. This.

It's not because of the way the photos are taken, it's really different in color.

There are other printings that are out of focus.

Now you know which one is rusty. I can't use it.

That's to say, open all the bags separated by set and check the whole number. Remove wounds and things with severe differences, and replace things with strange colors…

Hey, there's a bag that didn't have a set in the first place, this.

…… If you pull out only the things that can be used, there is not enough order number…?

That's to say, I'm going to have an exchange with a printing office. As a result of the negotiations, it was decided to respond to the refund of the shortfall.

Oh, by the way, the correspondence was very early here. I feel the speed.

Expenses you didn't know about

In addition to quality issues, there are expenses that are required if you ask an overseas printing office.

It's tariffs.

Because it becomes the form of the individual import, the tariff is imposed. I didn't think about it completely.

Imported goods are checked at customs. It's hard if you bring in dangerous kusuri or weapons. Therefore, it seems that it costs money in the feeling like the labor fee to have customs check it separately from the postage until it goes out of the country over there, crosses the sea, and arrives at hand here.

Board games are 10% card games and 13. 2%

It seems that it is the judgment of the inspector who checked which category it is classified. When I ask for printing overseas, if I put a chip or the product name and write it like "for board games~~", might it be a little good deal?

Still, there's a good place.

Well, I wrote a lot about the d'ite part, but there is also an advantage to becoming it printed overseas.

First, cheap. And early. The big advantages are these two.

It's incredibly cheap anyway, because of labor costs.

The price is probably doubled if it is done in the printing of the sshizume in the country.

And I don't know how it works, but it's surprisingly fast.

"One week for printing, one week for mailing", or such a speed.


I will summarize the points and advantages when asking for printing overseas.

Note: There is a large variation in quality (probably depending on the printing office) and
the exchange in Japanese is basically impossible (alever, even machine translation can be managed) and there i
s a customs duty (the tax rate changes depending on the classification)

Profit: Ch
eap, Early

Anyway, when I ask a domestic printing office, "I will understand without saying", "I will understand if you look at the template", "It will be roughly this quality", etc. do not work. Because it's intercultural communication.


Next time, I'd like to talk a little bit about the new game that is currently underway. We are planning a remake of the shark game that sold out at considerable speed, including the incremental version.

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