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On June 5th, the new game "Amabirace- I am amabie[TAISAKU BUILDING Infection Prevention Solo Deck Building Game] will be released.

June 5 (Fri) Released two new games that can be played by a small group!

EJP Games is "Amabirace- I am amabie[TAISAKU BUILDING Infection Prevention Solo Deck Building Game] will be released.

What's the theme?

The theme is a game that can be played by a small number of people even during the self-imposed period.

Even though the state of emergency has been lifted, it is still a fool to go out.

Even if you want to play bodge, there are no three or four people.Not gathered.

So this two is a game that even one or two people can play!!

What game?

ce – I am amabie

Youkai Amabie attracted attention due to the spread of the plague.But are the amabie you know is a real amabie?

A mermaid-like appearance with a beak may be one of countless appearances.

One day, the unnamed youkai who saw a human figure aim at the coast to be observed.

It's just a race.

A competition that bet on the existence to become "Amabie".Amabie race.

As I explained with great surprise, this game is a die racing game that you can feel free to play.

Use the items to advance the randomly created course.The person who finished the firstWin! It will be a true amabie!

TAISAKU BUILDING Anti-Infectious Dis
ease Solo Deck Construction Type Game

Drive out all the enemies! The means of attack is knowledge of the infectious disease countermeasure!? Raise awareness and acquire a lot of knowledge.Build your own countermeasure deck!

This game is a deck building type game that can be done by one person.Enhance six weak initial decks throughout the game.

The enemy has become a character that mimics a virus.Each time an enemy gets stronger, the enemy's attack card invades your deck and tries to kill you.

You raise awareness (like money) and learn the knowledge of countermeasures.Make the best deck!

You can adjust the difficulty level.The enemy card is on both sides and you can use the back side to increase the difficulty.

In addition, it is also possible to play against the two of this game.You can enjoy a completely different sense of play than a solo game.

*This game is based on the motif of infectious disease countermeasures.The countermeasures that appear may not be effective for all infectious diseases.Check the exact information and take appropriate measures.

The product page is here.

ce – I am amabie
sease Solo Deck Construction Game