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Two new board games "Midsummer Classic "B-class shark movie" style game" and "Action game to make "Milky Way in the starry sky of Tanabata" will be released on Friday, July 3

Two new board games that can be played with a small number of summery motifs will start mail order from 7/3 (Friday), BodoMart, Amazon, Yahoo!.

B-class shark movie became a game! ?
"Turn-up Shark ~ Super B class shark priest turning!~ "

Turn-up Shark is a card game where you can enjoy the feeling of watching a B-class movie.
You can play with joy and sorrow on the card that two or four people turned over.
Amazing shark, denke's treasure sword chainsaw! 
All you have to do is turn over the card.
However, there is also an action element to rob the bargaining and weapons of the number of turning numbers!

Various sharks attack!

The one who stood to the end is the winner!

Load, spread, and make a starry sky with folded cards."I'm
going to build a starry sky.-Let's make the Milky Way on the night of Tanabata."

They pile up a starry skyIs a balance action game that accumulates cards like the starry sky and connects.
You can score by folding the card and placing the three-dimensional shape so that the sides and corners touch each other.But if you break the card, you won't score.
While competing for the score by two or three people, you can play while worrying about where to put it, and pounding whether you can put it well.
When you're done playing, let's take a look at the finished starry sky.

A balance game with beautiful starry sky
Each game creates a new starry sky.

The product page is here.

Turn-up Shark – Super Class Shark Shaved Turn!-
They pile up a starry sky- Let's make the Milky Way on the night of Tanabata –