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Thank you sold out!B-class shark movie board game "Turn-up Shark" will be available for reservation on Thursday, July 16.

EJP Games became a hot topic on SNS and sold out immediately B-class shark movie style game [turn-up shark – super B class shark priest turning! ]We have started to make reservations for additional editions.

This product can be reserved after entering the necessary information in the form.We are planning to pick it up at the game market.

The game "Turn-Up Shark" sold out immediately starts pre-ordering!

In the very popular [turn-up shark ~ super B class shark priest turning! ]~] is sold out.
I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have paid attention to the demand far exceeding our expectations.
On the other hand, we are very sorry that we were not able to deliver this product to all people.

So we will increase the edition of "Turn-up Shark – Super B class shark priest turning ~".
Sales are scheduled to be delivered in the fall of the game market 2020.
In addition, we will start the reservation according to it.

The reservation contents are as follows.
Products: Turn-up shark ~ super B class shark priest turning!~
Price: 1,000 yen, h

ow to receive the product: Game Market 2020 autumn receipt

The reservation page is here.

The product page is here.

Turn-up Shark – Super Class Shark Shaved Turn!-