Development of Board games & Card games.

Two new board games" "Escape" mystery game to advance the story in conversation and "draft game to collect and fight urban legends and products" will be released on Friday, August 7

Two new board games that can be played by two people of mystery & horror motif from 8/7 (Friday), we will start mail order at BodoMart, Amazon, Yahoo!.

Mystery advancing the story in conversation The night of a friend's house, there is a suspicious person under the bed.

Two sins and three dead are escape board games to play with two people.
This mystery advances the story while talking.
You can find new clues by meeting the conditions or searching the room.
There are a number of endings to this story.Find out the hidden secrets and the truth.

Floor plan, clues, person A and B
Numerous clues.And the ending.
Explore the room and earn information.

Draft and deck build 魍魎 charm!

Haunted Dora is a two-player battle draft game.
They manipulate the legends and legends that have been heard before, such as the cleft-mouth woman and Kisaragi Station, and fight against the other party.
Packed with intense effects such as "You win this game" and "Additional 1000 turns".
Find the best combination.

There are 34 kinds of d's intonales.
Intense effects and unique haunted and lore
Make three decks in three drafts

The product page is here.

Two Sins and Three Dead – Escape Mystery for Two
Haunted Dora – Haunted Things Draft Game –