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Haunted Dora ~ Game Introduction ~

What game?

Haunted Dora is a competitive draft card game for two people.

The theme is "The Legend of the D'S.

Features are "cards with a strong effect of habit", "simple rules"!

"Cards with a strong effect of habit"

"Cards that win unconditionally when you use" and "Cards to get an additional 1000 turns"

In addition, there are cards that lose when you use them, and cards that make yourself a thing!

Depending on the combination, it may not be very effective, and it may become insanely powerful!

It all depends on your skill!

"Simple rules"

The rules of the game are simple!

The game is divided into two stages.The first is the draft round.The second is the "Haunted Wars Round.".

In the Draft Round, you draft a total of 10 cards and create three decks (one for three cards).(It is a specification that remains one.))

In the "Haunted Wars Round", you will fight on the deck you made.

How to fight is easy.Just use one card per turn.All decks you use will be in your hand.

If you defeat three decks of your opponent, you will be the winner!

A little detailed rule explanation (1) [draft]

First of all, the deck is made for the coming demon war.

We'll do three drafts here.

Three cards are drafted for the first and second time, and four cards are drafted for the third time.

Place the card behind the scenes in front of you.

There is a rule when you put it.

Finally, put three mountains so that you can have three.Each mountain becomes one deck.

You can also place the card in a different location from the three mountains only once during the draft.

Now you have three decks!

It is OK if it finally becomes such a feeling!

* What is a draft?

It is one of how to choose and take the card.

Select one of the cards dealt to each other and give the rest of the cards to your opponent.Repeat until there are no more cards to pass it on, and then select the card you want to use.

A little detailed rule explanation (2) [Haunted War]

Once you have a deck, the next match is a match.

Choose one of your decks and play a showdown with each other.

It is the victory of the person who defeated all the deck of the opponent first!

Game victory or defeat

If you set your opponent's life to 0, you can defeat them!(Initial life is 5)

You can also defeat in special ways such as card effects!

Flow of the game

Make sure you put all the selected decks in your hand.

Make a turn from the front.

The first game is preceded by a card that is removed by only one card at the time of the draft.

The lower the card is exposed, and the lower the number is ahead (basically the smaller one is the stronger the card).

In other games, the first one to lose just before.

Flow of the turn

When your turn comes, select one of the following two and run it.

↑ Play cards (put them out from your hand to 1 field and use effects)

↑ Pass (2 points damaged and do nothing.)Choose a path even if you can't do anything.)

Repeat the turn alternately until the game is settled.

End of the game

If you win or lose, the game is over.

If you win, you'll use that deck in the next game.Put the card back in your hand.

If you lose, use the losing deck (that you can't use it anymore!))。

In that case, one from the losing deck, you can strengthen in addition to the unused deck.

And we'll play the next game.

In this way, the game is repeated, and the person who defeated all the opponent's deck wins!

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