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Two Sins and Three Dead – Game Introduction

What game?

Two sins and three dead escape mysteries – is a mystery game that advances the story in conversation.

B who came to stay in the room of the friend A of the university.That night, there was a suspicious figure under A's bed. A with an unnaturally calm attitude toward B who jumped up in a hurry.The player is divided into roles A and B, and they will talk and act.Let's escape from this unusual situation from this room.

There is also a feeling that the player plays a role in another position is similar to TRPG.The genre is Murder Mystery…… It can be said, but it is a little special game.

The feature is that you can play repeatedly until you get to the truth."Multi-ending" and the characters have "secrets" that create a distinctive sense of play that can be played repeatedly and gradually approaches the truth.

Gather scattered information and get to the end


There are three main types of "endings" in this game.It's nice to see what the ending is, but the end changes depending on the player's behavior.

You'll get an information card depending on where you've looked into the room or if you're mentioning some keywords in the conversation.The information written on the card is basically in your hand, and you can hide some of it or mix lies even if you tell it to your opponent.

And depending on the information and development you get, the story will end up differently.And, the end branches further by another element "secret".

Three endings.But there's a further branch……


Each person A and B have secrets hidden.You can check this secret by reading the QR of the person card.

When we get to a certain end, there is a further branch depending on whether we know each other's secrets or not.We've got to the good end…… I thought, but we don't know each other's secrets…… Without knowing, escape successfully and return to daily life…… There might be such an ending that Moyamoya remains, too.

On the other hand, it is the worst development because I knew the secret. There can be such a tragic end, too.

The story of two people unfolds in one room of the apartment.

At last

There are no wins or losses in this game.Let's enjoy the story of how the story of A and B will come to an end.

And if the ending is not what you want, if you want to know the other person's secret, let's play repeatedly with the role as it is.I look for different information and try different conversations.

If you act differently, you may get a different ending.

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Two Sins and Three Dead – Escape Mystery for Two