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[Reservation start! ] Cultivation & sale of weeds rolling in westerns! ? "Tangleweed – The Seed That Can Be Made Out of Green"

It's EJP Games!

It's been about three weeks until the fall of game market 2020
! This announcement is here.

We have started to make reservations for "Tangleweed – Seeds that can be put out of green
!!! You can go to the reservation form from the link below!

reservation form★

A game that can be reserved for reservation!

Tangleweed – Green Seeds – (4,000 yen)

It is a game that can be reserved at the same time!

Braumea (3,500 yen)

Bird and Beast Auction – Animal Auction – (2,500 yen)
Fake Digger Super Strategic Gem Excavation Battle! (2,500 yen)

TAISAKU BUILDING Anti-Infectious Diseases Solo Deck Construction Game (1,500 yen)
Candy Dora 對 Draft Game (1,500 yen)
Animal Wars (1,500 yen)
Two Sins and Three Dead – Escape Mystery for Two – (1,000 yen)