Development of Board games & Card games.

Content of activities

EJP Games is a group of board and card game production singing mainly in Sumida-ku, Tokyo.

We try to create various styles of games, with a focus on strategic games, incorporating words and party elements.


In addition to the system design of board games, we also focus on artwork and illustration.
In particular, i try to liven up the taste of the card with a lively illustration.

I realize that the atmosphere of the game becomes more gorgeous by not compromising on various colors and details.

Cute Character
Effect ed icon
Fantastic colors and facial expressions

Various game systems

We are building a variety of game systems.

  • Highly strategic gamer's game
  • Word game with party elements
  • Education games for small children
  • Games that are easy for beginners to understand

We will consider the best system while thinking about various targets, and add coloring and flavor with illustrations and stories.