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Pile up a starry sky. - Let's make the Milky Way on the night of Tanabata –

Pile up a starry sky
– Let’s make the Milky Way on the night of Tanabata –


Three lines description!

  • Balance game with cards with starry sky drawn
  • Stack the stars and compete for points by spreading them out.
  • After the game, let’s look at the finished starry sky.

What game?(1)

“Pile up a starry sky” is a balance action game that competes for scoring (VP) by stacking folded cards.

What game?(2)

When you place the card, you can get the VP as many as the number of sides, corners, and folds are in contact.

However, if you break it down to try to put it down, you will not get a VP.

What game?(3)

The higher the card, the higher you will earn the Star Token.The token will be an additional score at the end of the game.

Ultimately, the player who wins the most VP wins.


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