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 Turn Up Sharks Returns ~The super B-class shark strikes back!~

Turn Up Sharks Returns
~The super B-class shark strikes back!~ 


B Grade Shark Movie Board Game
You are a character in a shark movie. Try to survive by confronting and escaping the ferocious sharks!



This is a remake of “Turn Up Shark – Super B-Grade Shark Bozu Mekuri”. You can play it by itself.



The rules are super simple!
In a word, it’s shaved head flipping. So the main rule is just to flip the cards!
Fight the unreasonable!



Sharks, Flags, and Casts
New sharks are included. New shark cards, flag cards that can flag and sabotage your opponents, and cast cards with unique abilities of the characters have been added!





 45 cards, 5 chips, 1 instruction sheet (2 each for storm shark and chainsaw, 1 front and back for space and nothing)

Card translation




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