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Turn-up Shark – Super B-movie Shark Card Game!!-

Turn-up Shark
– Super B-movie Shark Card Game!!-



If the shark exceeds the limit, you die!

Easy, easy, super exciting!

Run away from the sharks that are chasing you to the end! Sometimes fight back with weapons!!

What game?(1)

All you have to do in a turn is flip a “1” or “2” card.

Any shark that goes over the limit and you die!

What game?(2)

Weapons you found, you got them!

You can fight back against the sharks!

…and can attack people too!

What game?(3)

There are also action elements with special effects.

When the storm hits, hit your opponent’s weapons and get them!

Others cover their cards with their hands to protect them!

Playing Scene

Use your weapons and get out of the pinch!
Whoever survives to the end is the winner!


List of cards

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