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AMABIE RACING – The true Amabie is me

– The true Amabie is me


Image at play

Three lines explanation!

  • Let’s jump out of the sea before anyone else and insist, “I’m amabie.”
  • Master the items to advance the race to your advantage
  • The deciding factors in the game are prophecy, items, and luck.


Something to shine at sea. It could be a jellyfish or an octopus…
but it considers itself an “amabie”. You’re something shiny like that.
Huh? A person came to shore. The one who shows up before
anyone else can say, “I am Amabie”. It’s time for the race to begin.

What game?(1)

The course made by arranging cards is rolled up the dice.

The first person to goal is the winner.

What game?(2)

The speed is determined by the dice.If it is slow, it is not possible to advance, and damage is done if it is too fast!

If you take too much damage, you will lose a turn

What game?(3)

Speed up and disable damage…… Use your items to get through the course.

What game?(4)

Speaking of Amabie, prophecy!

If you can predict the eyes of the dice, you will get a favorable effect.


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