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Braumere – Mito and The Blue House and The Nightmare –

Mito and The Blue House and The Nightmare –


Introducing three lines

Cooperation x Word x Concealment!

Illustrations in one word, get your real memory back!

But watch out for a hidden nightmare…


Mito wakes up in an unknown forest.
A blue house and fragments of “memories” wandering about, and a few “clues”.
Is this…a dream?

I’ll need to gather up some dusty memories to pull you out of your dream.
You’ll need to take care of her.

What game?(1)

Braumea is a cooperative game!

The goal is to make three pairs with the same pattern!

Use “Questions” to find a pair of Memory Cards that exist in the player’s hand.

What game?(2)

You can only ask a “question” if it’s written on a “clue card.

For example, when the clue is “color”. If you want to find the rose card, you can say, “Do you remember ‘red’? I ask.

What game?(3)

However, not all of them are members of the group.

Only one enemy, the Nightmare, gets mixed in with the others.

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