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Cultivating & Selling Weeds Rolling in Westerns!? Released from Gemma Autumn 11/14/15

The world where westerns were all the rage!? The demand for rolling weeds is rising!

The stage is a world where the demand for Tumblewee
d has exploded. To become a rich man, you turned to receiving Tumbleweed!!

Expand the farmland and roll the
tumble! Tumbleweed breeds by droping the tane when it rolls.

With the money that sold the tumble as a source of money, he expanded his farmland further. And re-production!

What game?

Connect land tiles to build farmland. T
umbleweed on top of it rolls up, down, left and right by random wind. How to roll is a straight line until the dead end.
Place the tane chips on the street.

As the round progresses, the → with The Tumbleweed. Of course, t
umbleweed that was able to grow also rolls in the wind and drop the tane! !

Grown tumbleweeds are sold according to randomly determined quotes. Sometim
es it's expensive, sometimes it's cheap. Let's sell at the right time.

If you don't sell it properly and empty the farmland, you'll get in the way of the tangleweed rolling, so be careful!

There is also a "Assistant Card" that will help you run your farmland! They
are all powerful, but you only have one. Moreover, if you use it, other people will be able to collect it, so let's use it at the best time!

In the end, the person with the most money (VP) wins!

Game Market Autumn 20 will be on sale!

EJP Games will participate in the game market on November 14th and 15th!

So Tangleweed Distribution!

In addition, although it is a very small number of [turn-up shark] that had been out of stock per popular resale!

In addition, there is also a "win-confirmed Gacha" that wins a variety of yen at 3000 yen!

For more information about the game, click here!

Tangleweed – The seed that is born out of green